A story on career. Part 2: Looking inward.

What I’m interested in

I’m interested in entrepreneurship, new ideas, business, economics, global affairs, travel, technology, and of course, airlines. I know this for a few reasons.

What I’m good at

Next are the things I’ve found myself to be good at. Good is of course relative, but these areas I seem to have found some success in: starting, persuasion, and analysis.

My experience so far

The last of the three internal perspectives is “experience so far.” My experience so far is in airline economics and launching things. While I did several jobs at United in Pricing, Revenue Management, Revenue Forecasting, and Route Network Planning, they all revolved around understanding and optimizing the unit economics of the airline. In addition, I’ve launched things or helped others launch things: Eagle-Trade and TEDxGrantPark were the biggest ones, but there were many smaller ones from creating groups to do parkour, to helping a friend kick off her work fighting human trafficking in Romania, to helping numerous friends and family on their start-ups.



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Adam Kuebler

Adam Kuebler


Rules of the blog: 1) this is where I come to flesh out thought, 2) thinking with others is better than thinking alone 3) these thoughts will change