A story on career. Part 3: Looking outward.


Improvement in one’s life comes from a combination of individual and societal factors and occurs along one of four dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Individual factors are straightforward to understand superficially but complex to understand fundamentally and I’ll explore in writing later. When referencing the second set of factors, societal, it’s important to understand what society is.

  • Large business, large non-profit, government: formal/structured
  • Small business or small non-profit: formal/unstructured
  • Recreational volleyball league: informal/(relatively) structured
  • Friend group: informal/unstructured


So how does economic growth happen and how do I fit into that vision? Well, the first question has an entire field of study devoted to answering it, but the vast majority of actions which drive improvement can be boiled down to innovation. Innovation is the primary driver of long term economic growth. If you want to delve into that idea, read this summary from the Mercatus Center.


So what specifically will I do? I will work as an investor, either in development finance or in venture capital. These two options are not as dissimilar as they may seem given the argument laid out above. I will generate returns for investors like pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, etc. by investing capital in either applying new technology or distributing existing technology in new contexts to improve the lives of people across the world. Initially, this may have a transportation/logistics related given my background but eventually can evolve into many different areas. My experience in digging deep on unit economics will be helpful regardless of the specific industry.



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Adam Kuebler

Adam Kuebler


Rules of the blog: 1) this is where I come to flesh out thought, 2) thinking with others is better than thinking alone 3) these thoughts will change