A story on career. Part 4: My career vision.

  1. Enter the start-up world either as an analyst/associate at a venture capital firm or by doing finance at a start-up
  2. Enter the international development world doing development finance at an organization like the IFC, IDB, or DFC

Entrepreneurship Narrative

I’ve always wanted to be around entrepreneurship. It started young when I made my siblings play “store” with me or when my sister and I started a local neighborhood newspaper. When I got to college, I started a web company called Eagle-Trade, which digitized the physical notice boards around campus. I then spent eight years pursuing my other childhood passion, the airline industry. I learned a lot about the industry, analyzing unit economics, and strategy, but ultimately wanted to get back into the world of start-ups. So I left United Airlines and started my MBA at Georgetown McDonough.

Development Finance Narrative

I was first exposed to the world outside of my home country during my undergrad. A team of two friends and I flew to Frankfurt as finalists in a case competition with Lufthansa. While the competition was fine, I ended up having so much fun exploring Frankfurt and spending time the other finalists who came to Frankfurt from all over the world. It really opened my eyes. I subsequently traveled to over 30 countries while working at United Airlines and did business across Asia.


All these tools and thought processes are in place to help us come up with options, refine options, and make the best decision for what comes next. I laid out my career vision based on this process, but as I said before, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow and so this will always be changing and we can only make the best choice for today. We can’t get too locked into one narrative because, as I showed, we can rewrite the narrative just by highlighting different parts of our experience. So here we go into an uncertain future, prepared but always open to change.



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Adam Kuebler

Adam Kuebler


Rules of the blog: 1) this is where I come to flesh out thought, 2) thinking with others is better than thinking alone 3) these thoughts will change